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Has anyone went from zoloft to pristiq? should I wean off one then start the other?

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blaze22 7 Mar 2011

I have always tapered down when coming off of zoloft, however in the past I have gone right into a new one from a new one with no days between... my pharmacist said it really isnt advisable to do so, but that it would not in most cases have a life threatening outcome other than the body being confused and changing from one to the other, it all depends really on the individual... speak with your pharmacist about this and see what he/she says and the best advice that they have... you should be o.k. going right into the new one... blaze22

Inactive 7 Mar 2011

I recently went off Zoloft after being on it for quite a few years.My doctor gave me a 20 day plan to lower my 150mg dose slowly over this time but it ended up being far to quick for my body ( everyone is different she said ) I experienced cronic withdrawal on the 18-19 day so she said for me to start Pristiq straight away, it worked fine for me to do this.If you do have concerns ask your doctor for help also you can get help from a site that deals with drug withdrawel its called THEROADBACK.ORG.Hope you find the answers you need to decide what to do ! take care Candypq

LaurieShay 7 Mar 2011

Hey benjahman j,

Yes, I recommend you wean off the Zoloft while starting the Pristiq. You should be able to ward off any withdrawls that way. Your doctor needs to be the one to tell you the schedule though, as he/she knows what dosage you are on of the Zoloft and for how long you have been on it.

I wish you the best of luck. I have been on Pristiq now for a couple months with good results. It made me nauseated and had a headache at first, but that has subsided now.

Keep us posted of your progress,


sweetie pie 7 Mar 2011

I really encourage you to work with your physician if you want to change medications. Everyone's chemistry is different so you are setting yourself up for possible serious side effects if you choose to do this own your own. Some people have done this and had terrible results. Do you want to take this chance? Please see your physician about this. Sweetie Pie

jk13 7 Mar 2011

I think that it may depend on the person, dosage, and the case. I personally went directly from Celexa to Pristiq without any taper and had no problems at all. I would just trust your doctor, and follow the instructions given. Who knows, maybe there's something different about Celexa vs. Zoloft that I'm not aware of. Ultimately your doctor will know best. Good luck to you!
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