I have a Navy buddy who has a pinched nerve in his shoulder. He is seeking a doctors help but because he has had bypass surgery, they want to watch what they give hi. His neighbor came over with this product and I will list the ingredients as he has told me. I cannot find this anywhere on the web. Can someone please help me. Thank You.

Morphine 5%
CMO 2%
DMSO 10% In Lipoderm
Ketamine 5%
Baclofen 2%
Gabapentin 10%
Clonidine 0.2%
Cety Myristoleate 2%
Dimethyl Sulfoxide 10%
Triamcinolone 0.1%
Dpihenhdramin 2.2%
Prepared by McAdoo PharmD

My navy buddy (call him JJ), is seeing a doctor but they are going about the process slowly because he has had problems in the past with high blood pressure and bypass surgery. The doctors are recommending a series of three procedures which include (in order)...
Lidocane shot to isolate the nerve (pinched)
Steroid injection and
last a Radio Frequency procedure to deaden or burn the nerve which is extremely painful according to what he has described. JJ claims Aleave helps very much but he does not want to take any drugs. He does not like the reactions.
I seem to be reading some of this information related to animals (not the human kind) and cannot find the name of this drug on the web but I have a lot of research if I list it by formula. I am concerned for JJ because he does have a heart condition and the doctors already told him that he would not be a good candidate for surgery (anesthesia problems).
Can anyone help me?