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Has anyone used hyposis for anxiety and panic attacks and did it help?

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Cathleen186 27 Jan 2011

No, I've never had the nerve to try. I have acute general and social anxiety that keeps me from doing a lot of things I want to try. I knew a friend who stopped smoking through hypnotherapy. But anxiety is a vicious cycle. So far now all I can do is medicate myself into oblivion. I am interested in any posts that have tried. Sorry I'm not much help, just a fellow sufferer. I'm open to private questions anytime. cathleen186

caringsonbj 28 Jan 2011

I had not ever thought of this I know biofeedback is used for stress (it's expensive) I think it's like so many weeks and so much therapy the two combined but if there was the possibility of reprograming the mind into overcoming panic what a fantastic way to treat such a horrid cycle, I don't have the panic like I use to but it use to be so bad that I would think for sure it was going to kill me, I got in such a shape (along with the severe Chronic pain that I was afraid to be out in crowds) when I could manage to avoid being out and about with friends I would I think it was with their help that caused me to start really fighting, I was all but homebound at one point and I recall thinking to myself you've just got to get past this I did deep breathing, I prayed,

Inactive 28 Jan 2011

I have used hypno therapy or as it is sometimes called bio feedback for migraines. I found it to be extremely helpful. I went once a week where I was "put under". I was fully aware of everything it was just an extremem calm feeling. I was given a cd where my doc was talking and I would that use at home when I had a migraine. I learned other relaxation techniques as well that I use when I'm having pain or the panic I sometimes have when I am in extreme pain. It might be worth a try for you.
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