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Has anyone tried meditation for anxiety? Opinions?

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Inactive 13 Jul 2010

Yes xanax is a very good med for anxiety. I really dont comment on any others this has worked well for me and many others. There is also valium and ativan but my favorite is xanax.

arcanoidcyst16 14 Jul 2010

I would also like to add to mrspage82's comment that xanax is a wonderful short-term anxiety medication.I would also like to advise you that if you decide to take this medication don't take it for any longer than 2 years(UNLESS INSTRUCTED BY A DOCTOR OR PHYSCIAN).The reason I say this is because when taken for EXTENDED periods of time this drug can lead to Drug Dependence and Psycological Addition.I have seen people O.D. and go to Rehab over this medication many,many,and many times over again.So if you do decide to start on this medication.I would advise you to start out on the Lowest Dose.Try it for a couple of weeks.Then let us know how it works out for you.Trust me.I am a previous user of this medication and as well as mrspage87 here.Who if I am not mistaken takes this medication currently.So If you have any questions or concerns let either me or mrspage87 know and we could tell you some more about it.

Inactive 13 Jul 2010

Benzodiazepines are whats used pretty widely as anti anxiety meds. Personally ive found that xanax is what works for me best. Another really popular one is klonopin.

Antihistamines are also used to control anxiety. Personally im on vistaril, it, added to my antidepressant and xanax, help me control my anxiety. I have a pretty bad case of GAD and social anxiety.

The most important part of controlling anxiety is having a good doctor that will be willing to work with you to find what works best for you. Weather that doctor is a psychologist or a general practitioner doesnt matter as much as your ability to trust the doctor and for you to be able to be open with them. Personally i have a psychologist, psychiatrist, and a GP. Its quite a process to find doctors that, to put it bluntly, you like.

barbles2413 13 Jul 2010

I agree the best bet is haing a good doctor

Inactive 14 Jul 2010

Meditation can be used to calm a person down. Although I don't use it, you to try to place your mind on something nice. Like a rippling spring and the soothings sound it makes and relax. Try thinking of a fav. place you have injoyed and the fun you had.

Delila 14 Jul 2010

Hi i have also used xanax and they are great! But i can't get any anymore!!
I think though that medication shouldn't be the only answer and you should try ways to overcome your anxiety/issues with a professional who can teach you techniques to fight how you are feeling.
I have chronic depression so am on citalopram which work great for me, i also take tramadol for the psychological effects (but definitely wouldn't recommend that!!). I agree with one of the previous responses about addiction to xanax, but, not wanting to argue, i think even 2 years is pushing it a bit, my friend got addicted in 6 months, so just take care.

Inactive 14 Jul 2010

Hi EP, I use breathing excersizes (sp) and imagery. But I also take Xanax, and I do not give a flying fart-blossom if they are addictive! I do not abuse them, and I am happy with the results.
Some people take anti-anxiety meds their entire adult lives, on and off.

Hope you are feeling well!

Inactive 15 Jul 2010

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