have suffered from back pain for 20 some years, diagnosed with fibromyalgia 3yrs ago have tried eveything imaginable to control pain. finally lost some weight, go to gym, starting feeling better, have had extreme pain over 2 yrs, gotten worse until could no longer manage the pain, of course drs said i was just getting old. finally had xrays this week, (dr suggested mri, explained it was way too expensive even with insurance) ask to start with xray, showd severe osteoarthritis in my hip, went from vicodin to oxycodin,
now everyone who takes med knows you cant function when taking, also on ultram and plaqunil for fibro, am sure i am immune to just about anything at this point, i can take meds when i go to bed where i pass out and dont know about the damn pain, but getting up and working, making it through the day is another story, i actually work at an assisted living community and have had residents swear by the gin soaked rasins,has anyone tried? read tons of info online and found hundreds of people that also swear by, so what do i have to lose, have 15 days until i see an ortho doctor who will tell me more crap to do which i have already done. it gets so damn frustrating, i read lots of blogs on here, looks like we are all in the same boat, i am now watching my golden rasins soaking in good seagram gin, left some in the bottle just in case:) takes 5 days , then you eat 9 a day, what do i have to lose?? the weather here i nc is great! the sun always make me feel better, heres hoping everyone has a managble day.