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Has anyone taking Reglan experienced memory loss?

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Marvell 27 Oct 2011

I haven't taken Reglan myself ... the link below has reviews about Reglan. From what I have read no one has really mentioned memory loss but they have experienced symptoms like agitation, depression, etc.

Connie0 26 Feb 2012

YES!!! My hsuband has been on Reglan for approximately 9 yrs now and has been experiencing memory loss, depression and aggressiveness. He is unaware that he is acting this way and when I mention it, he gets angry. He denies any problem, but he has never acted this way before the medication. The symptoms have been progressively getting worse, but what scared him was when he was driving, he all of a sudden had no idea where he was or whose car he was driving. Reglan has also caused him to be argumentative in the extreme where he would start yelling at people when he believes he is right. He's gone to his family doctor and they told him to discontinue the use of Reglan, but why has this not been communicated to him a long time ago? It would have saved alot of heartache and stress in our marriage. My husband has been off this medication for about 4 days, but is still experiencing depression and anger. Does anyone know how long he would be felling this way, especially since he's been on it for so long??

echo08 27 Feb 2012

Reglan is a weird drug. I'm not sure what ur taking it for - guessing nausea? - but like most anti nausea drugs, it's a phenothyazine, the same class of drugs like Thorazine or Haldol 2 treat schizophrenea. I've been on phenothyazines since I was 16 & it can take some time 2 find the ones that work best. Talk 2 ur Dr - for me, the best regimen is Phenegran, Zofran, & Reglan on occasion. Part of what makes Reglan different than something like Phenegran or Compazine is it increases motility so it helps w/ both nausea & constipation. It just bites that all of these meds affect people differently & dealing w/ serious GI problems 4 20 yrs, it still took time 4 my Dr & I to come up w/ what worked the best w/ the fewest side effects. Best wishes & good luck! free discount card

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