I've taken Wellbutrin-150mg and also the generic:Budeprion. The generic version made me sucicidal and initially, upon opening the container of Budeprion, the odor was terrible - I called the medication provider and after several phone calls and speaking to a pharmacist there, they agreed that I could not take the generic they had provided. This was in 2007-8, & at that time there were a number of lawsuits involving these specific generics for Wellbutrin, closely reported by the mainstream media. (This info was relayed to my insurance pharmacist and eventually they agreed to credit my account for the odorous prescription of Budiprion I'd received). Many litigants complained of the same symptoms - thoughts of sucicide in some and a few who actuall did achieve it.
I was just quoted a price of $555.84 for a 90 day supply of WELLBUTRIN -150 MG.by my prescription drug provider Medco. That amount is with insurance. They can provide the generic for $10-40-80 co-pay,depending on the amount (30-60-90 day supplies) or I can purchase from Wal-Mart Pharm. the Buproprion XL for $104.72 for 90 day supply.
I think that the problem is with BUDIPRION generic. Apparently different manufacturers have different 'inactive' ingredients beyond the 'active' ones
which mimic the original drug (Wellbutrin) components. Also, as mentioned on other sites... the fact of the pills exterior coating ingredients or non-coated pill could also be the different results so many of us have experienced. This may only affect some people but when it does, it can be catastrophic.

Since I have 4 other name brand meds - this change in coverage is a
very real problem. Retired and on a fixed income doesn't allow for nearly $9,000 -a year -for just 4 prescriptions plus a number of other meds which I must take. Having access to generics is great if they perform the way the
original brand name drug is designed.- if they do not, then it is a great concern to those of us who have to take a number of prescription drugs.