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Has anyone taken topamax for fibromyalgia and if so at what dosage?

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rebelrat 24 Nov 2009

Yes, I am currently taking Topamax to treat my fibro at 200 mg a day (100 mg 2X/day). My pain management doctor and I are working to find a dosage that works for me that I can tolerate. It *does* seem to help some with the morning stiffness and a little bit with the pain, but I am still at a low dosage. Still, as I said, it does seem to be working at least a little.

W.Wikoff 24 Nov 2009

what dosage of topamax does your doc usually use for fibro patients. Mine wants his patients at 100mg at bedtime. I know everyone is different but maybe my doc isn't using enough

rebelrat 24 Nov 2009

He says he tailors the dosage to each individual patient and their particular needs and pain levels, as well as their response to the medication, also taking into consideration what, if any, other medication(s) they are taking.

W.Wikoff 24 Nov 2009

thanks for your response

CCTEK 26 Nov 2009

I have had Fibro for approx 15-20 years and have tried many, many drugs. Recently my Dr had me on 25mg of Topamax in AM and 25mg at bedtime. I had taken Topamax for about six months and I found absolutley no benifit from the drug. The only benifit I found was Topamax is a great sleeping agent. The only drug that I found relief from is Valium 10mg two to three daily. Also along with the Valium I found a Homeopathic Dr. who educated me on what vitamins I should be taking. Its different for everyone. May need to adjust as time goes by. The Valium along with a handful of Vitimins, AM and PM are the only thing that helped me. Good diet along with Vitimins, fitness pool and monitor and heavey work or activities that you will pay for later. Example. I dont try to over do things that you will pay for later. That is what has helped me. I found taking all these so called fibro drugs only caused other problems. We seem to have a sensitivity to things we didnt before. So every one is different. If topamax works for you thats a good thing. free discount card

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