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Has anyone suffered from a closed head injury resulting in migraines, narcolepsy, memory loss?

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Inactive 17 Oct 2009

Nope, wish I could help. Good luck on your journey
into answers in the medical community!!

ellie1968 20 Oct 2009

thanks for the encouragement bro', wishin' you success as well

DadsWatchinU 19 Oct 2009

Welcome to my world! Rear ended in car accident, suffering from violent, screaming head achs, narcolepsy... yet unable to sleep correctly at night & MEMORY LOSS is crazy!Appts. I have had every test known to man ... blood work, xrays, mri etc and I am headed to a head & neck spec in a few weeks. In the mean time its intiflam. meds, pain meds, steroids, etc migraines meds etc and nothing makes me normal, just takes the edge off. Investigating MS ... Lou G Desease among others things... like disc desease,(many bulging & herniated disc) you name it, they have tested for and most of the outcomes come with no guarantees, just speculations, so my friend I wish you well and pray for an answer for you and relief from this madness.

ellie1968 20 Oct 2009

Wow... you are a Godsend, for real! Lol... I am so glad you found me out here!!! I am sorry that you suffer from many of the same symptoms I do though. I suffered the trauma during my first marriage due to domestic violence. It went untreated because I was afraid of anymore abuse if I had done so. So, eventually I did divorce the (source) , lol, of my problem but only now, 13 yrs., later, am I getting real honest, real serious, and really angry about what happened and have been adamantly been seeking real results. I would so love to continue getting to know you and hopefully being a good support for you as you have already done for me. Thankyou so hun

DadsWatchinU 1 Nov 2009

Oh Ms Ellie if these walls could talk!! Girl I can not even begin to tell you how similar our stories are except for the part that I am now married to a very kind man who is doing his best to deal with all my medical issues. I think you know from my other post that I deal with a lot of his issues ( daughter & dghts fiance drugs issues ) that we pretty much support each otherr so I am lucky but medically I am a dam wreck! :-) Only way to put it kiddo! A wreck, screaming head achs, fall asleep driving, neck, back, pain, i dont have enough fingers to type up my whinny complaints honey... so I just keep them to myself... what good dose it do any who?? cant fix me, gave up on that long ago... but if I can help you any honey just I/M me and I will be glad to give you the wealth of my wisdom... and by the way ... my tormentor died of cancer a while ago ... so there is justice in this world honey... God Bless... Nanc

tbijacquie 9 Nov 2010

I have a Tramatic Brain Injury, it was a closed head injury, this was in april 07, I do have memory loss, anxiety, depression, I lost my taste and smell permanetly. I was recently take to the ER by my husband, I thought I had a stroke. It turns out I have Complex Migraine Syndrome. What is Narolepsy?

klop49 8 Apr 2013

Narcolepsy, Lupus (really), about 20 different diag. Check your pituitary. Whiplash motion can harm it. Check out Pit. Network Soc. (PNA) for great info., Drs., etc. Car hit from behind, rolled over. free discount card

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