... taking at the end. I already know I can’t get another Rx. The last time I saw my Suboxone Dr. I told him I really wanted off this stuff and I wanted to begin a taper but he would not give me any 2mg tabs, only the 8mgs. I think he wants me as a permanent customer, but I think 5 ½ years is long enough for me. He’s definitely one of those that believe that a good jump off dose is between 4 and 2 mg.
Anyway if someone knows a method to divide those 8mg into small accurate portions I would really appreciate hearing about it. I started my taper last week by going from 8 to 4 mg. I know I breached the 25% rule but I don’t have many tabs left, only 16 when I started, and I figured I would rather have some wd symptom up with the higher doses than the lower doses. But today is day 5 and I’m feeling no wd at all. So, I am starting to think about carving these pills up into little tiny pieces. I have a pill cutter and tried cutting one as small as I could and was able to get it into1/8s ok but after that it’s just a guess. So, any suggestions would be welcomed.