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Has anyone out there considered staying on suboxone for life to manage pain?

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Jillynnie 25 Sep 2011

Hi Sub,
I just recently spoke with both my fibro doc and my subs doc regarding staying on subs for my fibro pain. I changed from vicodin to suboxone in August for two reasons. One (and this is common with everyone that has been on pain management for long term chronic pain) my tolerance built up with the vics and I was taking more and more with little to no results. Actually, due to the fact that pain killers are meant for short term use, they have determined the pain pills begin to cause MORE pain. Two, I had already tried every pain pill known to man (it felt like) to address my fibro pains and flareups.
The subs have literally addressed my fibro pain! I still have occasional flareups, but for the most part, the subs have addressed my pain very well. Also, I will not have to increase my mg of subs to achieve pain relief in the future. In other words, if my 4mg of subs is working, it will always work. I will not have to eventually increase the mg of subs in order to achieve the same effect. That is wonderful news!!
What I am going to do now is decrease my mgs and see if I can maintain my level of relief from the subs. This is good for many reasons. (if effective) For monetary reasons this will be great! These guys are NOT cheap, as you are aware of, I'm sure. I currently have insurance, but not sure for how much longer. :( Also, if in the future I find that I will need a painkiller for say, dental surgery or what not, then there will not be an issue of it not working due to a high intake of buprenorphine.
I hope this helps with your question. I noticed that you had asked this back in 2010. Not sure if you recall, but I did find it and you got some pretty good feedback. You may want to reread it just to refresh your memory, and also to get more than one opinion. (in case no one else answers.) I feel certain you will get more than just my feedback here, though, as there are so many caring people on this site.

Best wishes to you Sub, and please feel free to ask more questions, and to offer your experiences and thoughts to others seeking help and feedback. I read some of your answers and you seem to be a caring and compassionate person. Thank you. :)

~Jillynnie free discount card

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