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Has anyone noticed that when they are away from an annoying family member, there pain is not as bad?

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Psychmajor 9 Feb 2010

well less stress... also is there a reason for the pain? because there is such thing as somataform disorder which is a mental disorder (depression, anxiety, bipolar, which results in pain with no reason for there to be pain... "The disorder is mainly due to the family stresses, parental modeling, cultural influences, and biological factors. These causes bring about the state where many of the patients do have chronic headaches, pain in the back, nausea, muscle cramps, and arthritis."

Laurabelle13 9 Feb 2010

I totally agree with the stress theory. Both my daughter (41) and I have conditions that involve pain. Mine is not nearly as bad as hers, but she chooses to stay in bed all day and her therapist has suggested hobbies or doing things to "get outside" herself. She just does not get it. Her problems are many & she's headed for a lot worse with what she has, BUT with what I have I choose to work through the pain. MY pain is worse when I am home, with her, taking care of her. I try to get away as often as possible, and I have noticed MY pain isn't as worse at that time. The mind is VERY strong and I wish I could help her. Hopefully, her therapist will be able to. Thanks!

harleyhoney2130 9 Feb 2010

stress`dose make your pain worse well it dose mine and my pain leveal is a 10 right now .due to stress .

Laurabelle13 9 Feb 2010

Hi, I can only comment on my stress level. It's honestly never been a 10 although it has been close. For me, on the stressful days (they are not as frequent) but I now choose to remove myself if I am able, I try to keep busy if I can. There are days that it's hard to concentrate as I love to read. The one thing I can do is get on the computer. I also journal, by hand. I not only have the stress & pain, but I recently had a breakdown. I can hardly believe how I feel now. I've come out a tougher, but softer person. I stick up for myself, but I kill them with kindness. I wish you all the best. Stay in touch if you want.

kimmie1 9 Feb 2010

It depends on if your family member supports you or they are ready to give up on you. I personally have a daughter that whatever I choose to do to help my situation she is totally against. It's her way (and she has a family of her own at age 35) or I am not doing the right thing to satisfy her needs. I have to come first. I have to make my self happy before I can be of any use to anyone else. My theory is make yourself happy first and foremost. Then, hopefully everything else will fall into place. My best to you... kimmie1 P.S. She thinks if she has a bad back ache, then I should be able to handle whatever everyone else has to deal with. She has never had major surgery on anything. I have had several. No trying to justify just get my point across.

Laurabelle13 9 Feb 2010

Amen to all you said. Been there, done that. My daughter has some severe mental issues & I am the only one that will help her. Because her own 2 children not agreeing with her, she no longer speaks to them. I feel for them all. BUT, what you say about my taking care of me first is so very, very true!!! Thank you! free discount card

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