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Has anyone noticed a problem with incontinence on Trazodone?

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Inactive 17 Jan 2012

Hello DeNeese. I was on Trazodone for several years and in my case, it wasn't an issue. I looked up on the site, as well as several others, in as much as a possible side effects but came up empty. There are other members of the site that have either taken it, or are currently doing so. Perhaps they have experienced whats happening to you. If anything, you might mention it to your doctor, see what she might believe is going on. Best wishes to you,pledge

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shickling 1 Nov 2016

I took one 50mg tablet last night and have had three episodes of urinary incontinence in the last 15 hours. I looked up sites online and found that others also had this problem. I'm going to quit taking this medicine and notify my doctor.

easybeader 29 Sep 2014

For years I dealt with urge incontinence and dry mouth. About 6 months ago (March 2014) my mouth became so dry that I sometimes had difficulty swallowing and talking. I had never linked the incontinence before with the trazadone but I did know that trazadone could cause dry mouth. i decided to go off the trazadone to see if that was the cause of my excessively dry mouth. I went off it and the dry mouth improved immediately. But more importantly, and also immediately, I am no longer bothered with the urge incontinence. YES!

smileyhappy 29 Sep 2014

I have been on it before. No problem with that.

Bingobear 1 Dec 2016

I definitely have had an instance of incontinence when taking this medication. It happened when my doc increased the dose. I believe it happened because I was in such a deep sleep. free discount card

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