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Has anyone noticed a decreased interest in smoking cigarettes with taking Seroquel XR?

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anglwitch6090 17 Sep 2009

Now that you mention it, I think it did. I started smoking at 14, tried to quit for the first time at 19, and never could. I've been trying to quit 14 years and couldn't. I put them down the beginning of May, and have only had one slip up. And that was half a smoke, and it was a pull out of someone's pack without realizing I'm doing it while play pool.

Hmmm... I'm liking this more and more

shellbee 17 Sep 2009

yeah, they seem to taste wierd and don't seem as effective. Possibly and additional benefit of the Seroquel XR...

anglwitch6090 17 Sep 2009

This medicine has done so much good for me. Moderate weight gain (about 25 lbs) is the only negative effect I've had. And with me getting more active it's coming back off, slowly but surely. It's been great for me. And to finally be rid of the last in a long line of addictions is a wonderful feeling

shellbee 17 Sep 2009

Thank you for all your feedback. I just recently was switched to the Seroquel XR after so many bad side effects with our meds! It seems to be working well.. At first I was pretty loopy, but that has passed!

anglwitch6090 17 Sep 2009

It did take me a while to get over the loopiness. I slept walked some too. Worse, I slept computered and had to apologize for times that I was a little too honest with bumper stickers on myspace. Oops. But I got over that after a few weeks, and now it's just the weight which hasn't been too bad. Glad I finally can be happy with me. free discount card

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