I was prescribed 300 mg. of Gabapentin by my doctor for Nerve "back"
Pain. My dosage is I have to take this medication 3 times per day after I eat 3 meals per day.

I only took my medication on the first day, I took one Gabapentin at
bedtime and then when I woke up the next morning I experienced a
bad headache and dizziness. When I spoke to my doctor he told me that
he hasn't heard anyone who has received a skin rash from taking Gabapentin but who knows I might be the first case to get Hives from taking this medication. I got really afraid after I heard that, so I stopped taking my medication for two days now but I am not experiencing any
adverse side effects since I only took one pill. I am also afraid that if I continue to take Gabpentin as my doctor has told me to that I will receive
increased side effects since I have a really sensitive system.

I don't know what to do now, my doctor told me to call his office and let
them know if I am having problems with my medication. I tired of complaining and leaving messages. He will probably be upset with me for not taking my medication as it is prescribed to me. I have never done this before I have always followed my doctor's orders. It is just that the side
effects outweigh the benefits of using this medication. I am still feeling
pain in my lower back now. When I reading all the side effects that Gabapentin causes it is really upsetting to me.

Any advice from the support group would be very appreciated.

Thank you,