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Has anyone heard of developing a Lisinopril cough 3 years after starting the medication?

This question has also been asked and answered here: Alternatives to Lisinopril? The cough & headaches are driving me insane!

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Inactive 7 Jun 2011

Cough is a common side effect of this medication and this side effect would manifest itself at the beginning of your treatment, not 3 years later, this is my personal opinion.

Potential side effects list for future reference:

I suggest you contact your Dr. and inform him or her regarding this situation.-

All the best,

Inactive 7 Jun 2011

Maso, yes this is true, bur also true of other B/P meds. But I'm not sure about abter 3 yrs either. I would see the doc too. Von

mana kai 7 Jun 2011

I have 2 Dr. opinions, one says it happens "all the time" manifesting cough months and years later. I expect the 2nd Dr. to tell me it "never" happens. (spoke to Dr.'s assistant, not Dr. yet) There is a post on this website that indicates cough started after 7 years...

caringsonbj 7 Jun 2011

I think I would contact my doctor and discuss this with him, I was on this for a short time one of the first thing my physician told me was if I developed a cough to contact her and she would change the medication and the symptoms should leave, I have not heard of this much time transpiring but just to be sure I would discuss this with the prescribing doctor Take good care,

Revrent 1 May 2017

Mana Kai, I was on Lisinopril for 10 years and a few months ago developed a bad cough. Several specialists and Dr's later, I was taken off that med and put on a different BP med. It has taken about 4 weeks but the cough is now gone.

carlamdavis 21 Dec 2017

Hi. I had this same thing happen to me. After taking lisinopril for about three years I developed a cough that the Drs couldn't figure out. After several rounds of antibiotics and steroids and even being tested for asthma it was discovered that I had an allergy to ace inhibitors. My cough cleared up waiting days of stopping lisinopril.

ewenturner 18 Jan 2018

I had been taking it for fifteen months with no side effects. One day I started to develop a recurrence of a Post nasal drip problem I'd had years before, and after it was gone, then came the hacking cough. It felt like there were short hairs at the back of my throat that I couldn't cough out. It's come and gone a dozen times since last year.

cathleen624 5 Mar 2018

I have been on lisinopril for 10 years with no side effects. Last year my PCP upped my dose and it's been hell ever since. One round of bronchial cough after another each getting worse than the one before. For someone who never took a sick day at work, I was written up twice for being off so often. My PCP kept treating me for bronchitis with no success. I spent a day in the emergency room when breathing became so difficult after a night of coughing that I thought I was having a heart attack. Still nothing other than antibiotics and cough suppressants. I finally saw one of her associates and he picked up on the lisinopril cough immediately. I'm both angry that I almost lost my job over this side effect and relieved that I finally have an answer to why I've been so sick. Unfortunately, I still have to deal with anywhere from 4-12 weeks of my body ridding itself of this drug and it's effect.

lallington1 12 days ago

After being on lisinopril for over three years with no I’ll effects I recently was treated with Efudex for skin cancer. My treatment protocol was to be for 2 weeks applying a very small amount of the cream to arms, chest, and back. By day 7 I was in agony... massive welts, blisters and redness covering my upper extremities (including face) which I was not applying ointment too. On same Day I awoke with the worst sore throat of my life . By the next day I had terrible respiratory congestion, coughing up my guts and had yellow sputum. I assumed I had a respiratory infection because I was also on high-dose steroids for joint inflammation. Long story short, three weeks later I was still having a nagging, hacking cough . My doctor said the cough may possibly have been related to lisinopril and changed my BP meds to losartan potassium 100 mg/daily. free discount card

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