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Has anyone heard of a pain doc in ny who only takes cash?

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bnagoh 14 Jul 2010

Sounds questionable to me. If a Dr cant set up alternative payment options then look into their history. I would get another pain Dr. It is a Drs right to accept payment how they see fit but cash only sounds like a fly by nighter to me. Health insurance seems to be something all Drs would accept at least one or another health insurance company or another. I hope you live in big enough a city where you have more options. Travel time may be more but it will be worht it to find a Dr that will treat your illness not one that just wants to see how much they can get from you. Hope you feel better. B

christineATU 14 Jul 2010

bnagoh, I was venting and in no way were my comments geared towards you or anybody else. We are good friends and I hope you weren't offended.

christineATU 14 Jul 2010

I thought cash was a good as gold in this country... even better. What's the difference? So many suspicious, cynical people in this world, I hate it! I can't afford $1,200 per month for insurance, but I can afford $100 for a visit. Does that make me somehow put on a watch list? If so, go for it!

Isabellla 14 Jul 2010

I understand where you are coming from but its best to be safe than sorry!! Who knows, he may not be a doctor at all or his license could be revoked or suspended. We are talking about a "Professional" whose actions may or may not affect ones health, so its best to be cautious!! Our health is too important. I would be just a little less concerned if it wasn't CASH ONLY but I would still check out his license wth the Medical Board. Itss not that you are reporting the Cash Doc but making sure this doctor is legit and its protecting your own health. You never know who you are dealing with these days.

christineATU 14 Jul 2010

The question was "had anyone heard of" not that he was accusing a doc of accepting cash only.

Isabellla 14 Jul 2010

Sounds iffy to me. Trying not to be cynical but check out his references somehow or check with Medical Board to confirm he does have a current license to practice. His license may be suspended or revoked and accepting cash keeps him under the radar. I would definitely check this one out. Cash only??? hmmmm...

Inactive 14 Jul 2010

Only ones that are doing something very illegal.

christineATU 15 Jul 2010

Maybe he's looking for a pain doctor who takes cash because he has no insurance? Or maybe he found a doctor who takes ONLY cash. You could look at the question 2 different ways. No offense mrspage. But I do agree if he found a doctor (cash only) I agree it does sound shady. I'm just touchy waiting for SSI and have no insurance. I have to pay cash for anything medical.
Your friend,

Isabellla 15 Jul 2010

Hang in there Christine. Thinking of you and I do hope you feel better soon. Take care, my friend.

sTigerrr 14 Jul 2010

All Dr's should be willing to accept self-pay patients, and might even work out a reduced rate (ie: the medicare allowable), but if this Dr is not contracted with any insurance companies, that does seem a little odd. Make sure that he's not running a "pill mill". You want the best care for whatever you are seeing him for. I agree with the others that you have every right and reason to investigate this Dr, even check him out online- his credentials and patient reviews. And if you can get referrences from friends or family, even better. Best of luck.

Inactive 15 Jul 2010

This sounds like a odd question.
Are we talking, under the table? free discount card

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