I have a close friend who has been on Tegretol a long time for a seizure disorder. She has always taken the IR Brand Name Tegretol. While this drug is not perfect it has been the best for her. In the last 8 years one doc forced her to try Tegretol ER and she had more seizures. Another doc forced her to try generic IR Tegretol and again she had more seizures. I know this lady 40 years and I believe her. She is not a liar. She also hates drugs. If she had the same results from the other forms of Tegretol she would have used them. She has no reason to make this up. And I am also a person who is sensitive to different forms of a drug. Some drugs are the same whether generic or NB and some are not. My friend needs NB IR Tegretol. This woman is not a PC user so I promised her I'd ask if anyone knows anything? Her doc recently gave her a script for generic Tegretol and she implied Name Brand is not available. I think the doc lied to her. Does anyone know anything about this? Has anyone recently filled a script for NB IR Tegretol?