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Has anyone had their hair regrow after loss from dermatomyositis affecting the scalp?

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logcabingal 24 Jan 2012

I have had re-growth but at the same time more hair loss. I don't go out of the house with out a hair piece or ball cap. I had such thick hair 11 months ago and now can use a child's barrett to pull it back in a ponytail. All the med's I take for the Dermatomyositis say it causes hair loss, so... I guess we are doomed. I was just diagnosed last September 2011 and am 55 yrs old. I was extremely active, hardly ever stopped going and doing now I can hardly do anything. How are you and how is your hair?

1mjslove 31 Jan 2017

I can't wear anything on my head, bc my head gets too hot and it causes me to itch and scratch even more. I've thought about buzzing my head really short, but my hair is so thin and I have scabs/sores on my scalp from scratching as well as severe redness from the DM. Everything I've found... the scalp injections, prednisone, meds for the dz is only a temporary fix. I'm SO SICK of my fam telling me "just stop scratching." They have no idea how extreme it is and impossible to not scratch at all. They have no idea how bad I feel. I'm also in my 50's, been very active up until diagnosed, but since joining the gym, my muscle strength has improved. As a woman, I'm esp embarrassed from the hair loss and even hate to go out in public. How is there no real treatment for this dz yet? I was told only 1/100,000 ppl contract this dz. Aren't we the lucky ones...

Susanbw 19 Nov 2017

My Dr prescribed Gababentin for scalp itching to be taken at night. So far I have not had to use it.
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