I've been on various different medications over the past year to try and treat depression, anxiety, and I guess I even have some OCD. It runs in the family. I've been on combinations of everything between zoloft, lexapro, klonopin, effexor, and I also take vyvance for ADD and Coreg to control my Blood pressure. I've been through a lot of traumatic experiences over the past few years. My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimers when I was 12. Lost her 5 years ago. Dealt with all kinds of stress issues and degrading by my bosses which I just recently got out of the Army, and then between the depression and it seemed mostly social anxiety, I have been struggling to find the right combinations to effectively treat my symptoms. It seemed for awhile I first started on zoloft and wellburtin back in 2008 and for awhile I felt good. Not experiencing excessive shaking and nervousness in social situations or avoiding going out and doing things. Then I felt like I was also suffering from ADD which I think I had ever since I was young. Not being able to concentrate in high school and college paying attention and being able to focus on my studies, things at work, and I always wanted to just skip ahead on something and really lacked patience in doing things. I've even went through CBT meeting with a therapist for about a year.

Right now I am on 30mg of Cymbalta, 60mg of Vyvance, and was taking .5mg of klonopin but I've had to start taking 1mg over the past few days to keep me from getting worked up over things especially as I'm trying to find a job right now.

Has anyone had similar situations as me and found an effective combination of the right medication treatment for these types of symptoms?

I just want to be my happy self again. Getting along with people, not getting frustrated, being able to relax and enjoying life again. Anyone have any suggestions to offer?