I am forgetting so much lately it is really worrying me. I have a lot going on right now but I really don't think this forgetting and not being able to remember certain things has to do with stress or fibro. I am unable to concentrate, unable to accomplish anything. I don't think the patch is too strong, it is the 100mg, I am still having pain. I did cut my head open about 1 1/2 mths ago, but the issues at hand started around the time I began the patch, 1 month ago. I have many more issues with my health but don't even feel like getting into all of them right now. Just could anyone respond with their experience with this patch. My dr. says I am running out of options, but the pharmasist (sp?) says there are many more out there. I was on oxy er, but when they changed it to op, I was going to switch to avenzia but the insurance was an issue with the avenzia so I went to the patch. I really hate it and now I can't remember stuff. Any advice PLEASE !