I mentioned in an earlier question that I have bone spurs in my neck, which cause severe pain in my shoulder and down my arm through my hand. I am up writing because I cannot sleep due to the pain:( When I was diagnosed in February he prescribed Lortab 5, Naproxen, and a muscle relaxant. The combination helped, and after a few weeks it got better, but now has flared up with a vengeance. I go back next week (and plan to start physical therapy), but when I called today about the pain he called in Tramadol. It has done absolutely nothing for my pain... feels just as bad as it did this morning, even with the other two meds. UGHHH! I wish he would have called in the Lortab, which actually WORKED, but why isn't the Tramadol helping? From what I've read it should be easing the pain at least a bit, but it is not. Any experiences to share? Thanks in advance!