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Has anyone had Ketamine treatment for the fibromyalgia pain ?

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Inactive 10 Jan 2012

To be honest with you I had never heard of this drug so I looked it up . I am surprised it would be prescribed at all. I am giving you a web site to read about this drug & what it is used for. Hope this is helpful... Mary

LiverLips 10 Jan 2012

Hi dzokicyg! Welcome to!

Thank you so very much for starting this discussion! I am also very interested in knowing if others here have any user reviews in respect to FibroMyalgia pain management using Ketamine.

May I ask if you already know of anyone? How did you hear about this?

With much appreciation & anticipation from Wendy :)

pup6767 10 Jan 2012

Hello dzokicyg... my oh my... this sounds like one of my Mom's Czech words lol!!!
Welcome to the site!!! Listen honey... you DO NOT want to use ketamine in any way, shape, or form. Ketamine, as far as I know, (unless obtained on the streets under the name of Vitamin K among other names of which I do not know) is ONLY used by anesthesia providers in surgery. It is an anesthetic drug classified as a "dissociative anesthetic." It dissociates the brain from the painful stimulus. Ketamine is only ONE molecule different from LSD. In anesthesia it is ALWAYS given with a benzodiazepine, which in that setting, would be Versed or Valium. If not, patients can wake up with TERRIBLE hallucinations. These hallucinations can reoccur days to weeks to months to rarely years afterwards.

Inactive 10 Jan 2012

Darn,thanks pup lol,c

kathymurphy777 15 Dec 2014

Please investigate questions before attempting to scare someone about a treatment they are considering.

Ketamine has been found to be highly effect for some suffering from treatment-resistant depression and pain management; working in a few hours to what traditional medication can take up to two weeks.

If you google "Ketamine treatments", you will find lots of useful information on pros and cons vs. fearmongering.

ddog12 10 Jan 2012

Sounds like a Question for doctor !!!

pup6767 10 Jan 2012

Believe me d dog. I have told you more than most doctors know except for anesthesiologists or nurse anssthetists. Trust me on this one. Pup

babyr0423 10 Jan 2012

I have Fibro. and never heard of this either! Very interesting. Ruth

dzokicyg 11 Jan 2012

Hi Guys, Thanks for you answers ... to give you some light about it .. I have heard about Ketamine treatment for fibromyalgia since my firend has been offerred one in Australia where we live.Ketamine injections with valum ( I believe) . She did not accept it b/c she is able to control the Fibromyalgia pain with natural treatments, however I am not . I am on Cymbalta now and I don't like it either ... plus the pain is still there. It is offerred by the Public Hospital Pain Managment Clinic but till I get there it may be 12 mths or so ( long waiting list). I have research the internet and there are doctors in Germany ( may be even in USA) that do that ( quite expensive) and I have read testimonals of poeple who had Ketamine injections for different pains but did not found any with fibro. I am Polish ( there you go Chech similarity..) and I am searching for a doctor in Poland or Europe who would know anything about it... I am not keen to go to Russia or any other former Eastern Europe or Asia ... Please let me know if you hear anything ! Thanks Dzoki

LiverLips 11 Jan 2012

Hi Dzoki! Please do not take Cymbalta while using Ketamine due to drug interactions.

Please look up Ketamine here in the search browser near the top of this page. It will show you user reviews that you can look at.

We don't know which country the posters are in unless they mention it in their answer. I am in Canada & we have different laws & drugs & rules than the United States & other countries. In fact, our Canadian Cymbalta formulation has 3 different ingredients as compared to the American medication.

Good luck Dzoki! May you soon find peace & relief from your pain!

from Wendy :)

pup6767 11 Jan 2012

Ketamine is an anesthetic... please do not even think about trying it. Plus you cannot obtain it except in an OR or off the streets. It it dangerous in the wrong hands. Please believe me on this one... pup

1603guy 16 Jul 2013

Just found this thread and I thought I would pass on my experiences in case they are helpful to anyone.
I have been a Fibromyalgia sufferer for over 10 years and have tried a wide variety of different pain relief medications and techniques. After having tried Lidocaine Infusions for a year, my Pain Consultant decided to try me on Ketamine as "a last resort".
Ketamine has transferred from being an anaesthetic drug used by vets on large animals to a fast-acting pain reliever used by Paramedics etc whilst waiting for a dose of Morphine to 'kick in' on seriously injured patients. As an idea of how powerful it can be, my brother has assisted vets in gelding horses given Ketamine. Nothing odd there you may think except that the horse remains fully conscious throughout the castration and DOESN'T EVEN FLINCH!!!
I have now been taking Ketamine as an oral suspension 3 times a day for 3 years (but I am NOT gelded...

dannibear 30 Mar 2015

You weren't using it properly. You are supposed to go through clinically observed heavy doses to the point that you are super dissociated. In this state your neurons can essessentially calm down from from their excitability and essentially 'reset' themselves so that eventually your pain is much more manageable on a day to day basis. Whatever doctor gave them as a take as needed script is an idiot.

dannibear 30 Mar 2015

Sry *idiot* is harsh but seriously seems like a bad idea if not downright dangerous... though maybe fun =P

mast631969 18 Sep 2013

Yes I have. I have been having ketamine for close to a year now. Before I got started on Ketamine I was in bed or in recliner most of the entire day in so much unbariable pain. I have been living a pretty normal life with very little pain since around my 3rd. or 4th. injection of Ketamine. I can't believe what Ketamine has done for my Fibromyalgia pain. But, as of today my Dr.'s office
has decided to stop the Ketamine clinic because they don't think they make enough money off of it. They don't care about the patients as much as their wallets. So, I was on the computer to try and find another option for getting my Ketamine Infusions. I don't want to go back to my children having to take care of me again. I have my first grandbaby on the way and I have to be able to take care of him. I got on computer as soon as they called me today to try and find another option for infusions. Does anyone have any idea where I can find somewhere that does do Ketamine Infusions around the S.C. area.

Thevilars 9 Oct 2013

Have you called MUSC (? In Charleston) I believe a friend of mine gets the same infusions at the Lupus Clinic there.

leonasalazar65 12 Feb 2015

Hi, I have been suffering from fibro for about 15 yrs most likly longer. 24 yrs ago I broke the whole right side of my body and on top of the fibro I am in pain 24/7. I am on manydiffrent medications but have just started ketamine. It works but it seems to make me agitated and get angry. Does anyone know if this would be the high does I take or if at all the.other medications with it. I take 30mg a day

mast631969 13 Feb 2015

Yes, I have had Ketamine treatment in some form for 4 years. I would not be able to get out of bed without it. I had been in the bed in severe pain for about 1-2 years before I was introduced to this amazing drug. I first was started on the every 2 weeks injection through a 2 hour IV infusion. Then my Dr's office stopped the Ketamine Clinic. Within 2 weeks I was in severe pain again, which would have been the my follow up injection time. I was calling the office, researching my choices, and thinking of how I would get to Charlotte N.C. or Atlanta Ga. every 2 weeks to get infusions. Whatever it took to get my miracle medicine.

Mare2102 17 Sep 2016

Ketamine infusions are available to selected people in Australia. It is administered in hospital with close monitoring. It is not available in any other form. GP's cannot prescribe it. Drug prescription regulations here in Australia are very strict. It is very difficult to get strong pain relief drugs. With regards to Ketamine infusions for treatment of Fibromyalgia, my pain specialist has told me that some people respond very well and others do not. It's trial and error. I will be having my first infusion combined with Magnesium, as my Fibromyalgia symptoms are so severe that I can barely function on a day to day basis. Hoping I will be one of those people that respond really really well to the treatment. I need my life back!

dzokicyg 17 Sep 2016

Hi Mare2102. Thanks for sharing this . Please let is know how the treatment will work for you and good luck. Dzokicyg

dzokicyg 17 Sep 2016

Hi, thanks for that info.Please let me know how you will go with your treatment.

kevieb 27 Nov 2016

I have read about ketamine being used in lower doses with an IV helping with fibro pain. I have read that the doses are closer, early on, but over time, some people are able to go for longer periods of time netween doses. I am desperately wanting to feel human again. I weaned almost completely off narcotics several months back, but had knee replacement surgery, and had to take narcotics--then the weather got cold. My fibro has been returning, and I am afraid of the pain.

Crmick 26 Oct 2018

I have received an Infusion and it has been very effective for me. I was pain free for a solid month and it was gradually coming back till about the 3rd month and I am about 75% back to where I was prior to treatment but I am still free of the skin burning as well as the skin crawling and tingling sensations and my daily migraines are just now starting to come back but I was solid for a good 3 months.. I am just now starting to get the severe body pain back as well... The only down side is that it isn't covered by insurance and it is very expensive. I do however stand by this treatment and its cost and I do intend to go back in another month of so for a refresher. I literally felt as though I was in a new body for a good month. free discount card

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