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Has anyone had jaw pain and popping with their Rheumatoid arthritis?

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geekygranny 18 Aug 2010

ABSOLUTELY! Actually, I think it also goes along with my fibromyalgia. I found that I couldn't open my mouth very wide when I wanted to eat. My jaw was out of alignment. Hurt like heck!

So I started to force my jaw to align with my upper teeth. I consciously would force it over when I thought about it. Eventually, it kinda came back into alignment. It doesn't hurt anymore and now I can open my mouth wide again. But it really hurt for a long time there. It was more of a TMJD type of thing.

Inactive 22 Aug 2010

I have RA too. That jawpain could come from sitting in a draft. I have that same problem with my jaws too! Lets remember that having RA you can expect it to hit anywhere on your body.....that is why they call it Travelling Arthur( it travels everywhere on you), LOL! Take care & God Bless. free discount card

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