I have been on Methadone 150mg per day for about 3yrs and I need to detox off of them. I tried a slow taper through my dr. but it never worked. I have chronic pain so I always kept taking my same dose instead of lowering it. my options are inpatient through a facility that essentially has you go "cold turkey." they do give you trazadone and clonidine to help but nothing that can be habit forming. From what I understand this could be REALLY bad with as much methadone as I am on and not tapering down to a lower dose at all. My second option is an 8 day accelerated outpatient detox where they use sedative and naltrexone to speed up detox. You go in everyday for 8 days to be sedated and receive naltrexone to basically flush the opiates away from your receptors. It sounds much better but is $5000.
has anyone had experience with any of this? Please help!! I am scared, especially with the high dose of methadone i have been on. Thanks to anyone who can help.