I had a pevious neck surgey with cadavor bone and instrumentaion. My new surgeon wants to use my own bone this time. what was your experience? I also will be having 3 discs removed. Hugh surgery again and I am scared to death!
I had surgery in N.Y. IN 2005 and 2006 for chiari malformation and cervical fusion with hardware. Both surgeries failed and the neurosurgeons have been under investigation for experimental and unnecessary surgeries! I always knew something was majorly wrong, however, just found a surgeon here in Oio where I live be the first to tell me what they did wrong and what my problems are now. I have been seen by numerous Dr's since 2005, but hard to try and find any Dr. who will try and'fix" another Dr's mistake and actually admit it! I was told by an attorney I would have a case, but the statue of limitations is only two years so theres nothing I can do! Well, if i could have found a Dr. with some courage I would have done something rite after the first surgery. Instead, I was passed from Dr. to Dr. being told they each couldn't help me. Now, my life really is one of suffering and have no choice but to undergo yet another surgery! Wheres the justice in that? was told if I do not have the surgery, my head would continue to fall forward as the screws from my first surgery have become loose and and they fused my head too far forward! So, these so called surgeons can actually purposely mess you up, but since I couldnt get any other dr. to step up, this is how i have to live? my life has been stolen! I am 42 and feel like 90! The daily pain is horrific and here I go again, gotta put my trust in another Dr.!
Dr. Michael P. Steinmetz formerly of The Cleveland Clinic now of Metro Health in Cleveland, Ohio will be doing the surgery. Anyone had him? Please help! thanks and God bless!