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Has anyone had any side effects from drinking while taking wellbutrin?

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carolyn17603 17 May 2010

your not suppose to drink while on meds so anythings possible. But i learned if you drink alot it cancels out any depression meds

Bsteinbrueck 18 May 2010

Very bad idea...

oceano11 31 May 2010

An occasional beer or glass of wine won't be of much harm, but carefully monitor drinking - it is never ever a good idea to drink even moderately on the anti-depressants. Wellbutrin reduces the seizure threshold, and if you drink, you are putting yourself at greater risk for seizures. I have found that my alcohol tolerance has been reduced, so I have to watch and drink less. I definitely stay away from any drinks that have tequila, including margaritas, because I notice that tequila has the worst effect on my mood the next day.
Shots are absolutely out of the question. If I drink liquor, I only have 1-2 mixed drinks. I took a shot of patron and absolutely regretted it. It slowed me down terribly the next day to the point that my gait was visibly slower, and my mood was thrown off for about 4-5 days afterward.
So moral of the story - keep your drinking to a minimum. free discount card

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