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Has anyone had any severe reactions to Geodon?

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Inactive 27 Jun 2010

Hi, I am also bipolar and too geodon but had to stop because of 2 side effect: anxiety & suicidal thoughts. My other conditions are OCD, insomnia, very strong anxiety attacks, paranoia... etc

Geodon Side Effects to Report ASAP

Signs of diabetes, such as:

High blood sugar
Increased thirst
Frequent urination
Extreme hunger (see Geodon and Diabetes)

Large or rapid weight gain
Suicidal thoughts
High blood pressure (hypertension)
Dizziness or fainting when going from a sitting or lying-down position to standing
Feelings of internal restless or jitteriness
Any abnormal muscle movements (these movements can become permanent if Geodon is not stopped quickly)
Signs or symptoms of neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS), which can include:

A high fever
Stiff muscles
Irregular pulse or blood pressure
An increased heart rate (tachycardia)
Irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmias)

Signs of an allergic reaction, such as:

Unexplained rash
Unexplained swelling
Difficulty breathing or swallowing.

Contact your doctor if you are experiencing any of the side effects I listed above... OK

tigetil12 27 Jun 2010

I'm bipolar and Geodon was like a living death sentance for me. Multiple side effects. The scariest for me was the dreaming or should I say nightmares. Even in the day when I was just trying to think to myself, very strange thoughts popped in from nowhere. I stopped it when I could no longer distinquish those false thoughts from reality. Bad stuff.

Inactive 28 Jun 2010

I know , although mys. Effects where different I get you!

Inactive 28 Jun 2010

Yes I completely understand where you are coming from, eventthough my side effects were suicidal tendencies an anxiety ( I can´t bare it)

bitchymadre 28 Jun 2010

My doctor just took my topomax away and prescribed me geodon, so know after reading some of these I might be a little afraif too. I have been without meds for 5 days by running out, has anyone lost weight on geodon? what are the most side effects everyone gets? free discount card

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