I have fibro, but have had it?for 13 years, so is pretty well under control pain wise. I see drs. regularly, but there is no real reason for my fatigue, weakness in my legs, not able to do too much in a day. I am 58 and in great health. I have been on Lexapro, Pristiq, and just went off Lamictal. I am very sensitive to all side effects. I do have some anxiety issues and can feel quite depressed because of my lack of energy. I exercise on a regular basis, but have to pace myself. Perhaps this is all just part of living with fibro, but I have been better in the past.

Does anyone out there think anti-depressants help with fatigue? Pristiq did help but I could not handle the dryness and manic feeling. It is hard to accept feeling this way... most of this year. I have had several years when I have felt really well, so why am I flared up now. Maybe stress, maybe menopause. I went off Lamactil this summer because it was not helping at all. I would love to hear from you all. I have not tried many supplements. Dr. Oz mentions d ribose on his show. comments? I am on high dose of Vit. D. I take currently take 1mg. klonopin for sleep. 200 mg. of Neurontin for burning pain, sometimes 1/4 of flexerile and I take HRT. Sometimes I feel a bit lightheaded too. My cognitive function is not great because of my fatigue. Perhaps the klonopin is too much, but I have been on that for 10 years. I sleep well on these drugs I think. THx in advance for any advice. Drs. really do not know what to do with me.