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Has anyone had any experience with taking Wellbutrin while still taking Valium and Zanax?

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gallowglass 10 Jan 2012

Yes. Rember xanax makes drowsy. So do Valium and zanax. If your question concerns increased drowsine3ss and fatigue, look in for the side effects of these drugs. Also, in some instances the drug interactions may be stroger than than you would expect by simply stacking up each drugs side effects, hence the name, drug interactions.

Best wishes.

PhyllisGail 11 Jan 2012

Yes I took Wellbutron daily, with Ativan several times a day for anxiety, and that combo worked well. Xanax and Valium are Benzodiazapines and so is Ativan, so there isn't a problem taking the Xanax or Valium with Wellbutrin. But you shoulod consult your Dr before adding a medication.

Good health to us all, PG

Xanax8mgperday 4 Feb 2012

I have been taking 8mg of Xanax (2mg 4x a day) for about 6 years. I tried to take Welbutrin at the same time, but it actually aggravated my anxiety. My doctor says this happens notably often.

taratenborg 1 Sep 2012

I started taking Wellbutrin for my depression. I then added Vaium for anxiety. I found that the combination helped a lot in my peace of mind and everyday living. I am leaps and bounds happier on the combination of the two. God Bless and Best Wishes

Pocketknives 2 Sep 2015

You didn't get any side effects after adding Valium? I'm taking 300mg wellbutrin and my doctor prescribed Valium recently. free discount card

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