My son had a relapse , not on opiates since he is on suboxone but methamphetamine, so they gave him Nuvigal and Wellbutrin - major depression and guilt and shame the Dr. thinks he is so mad at himself he is so depressed - wants him on it right now and we have to go back for counciling Mon. He has been literally asleep for 6 days.I have to pick this up tomorrow but on the info here it said not to use if history of drug addiction - obviously since he is on suboxone but is Nuvigal for the receptors for meth like suboxone is for opiates The nurse told me that the Nuvigal will do the same thing for meth as the suboxone does for opiates. Has anyone else ever taken this?. It looks like it is mainly used for shift worker and narcolepsy so thought I would ask the best group of medical students and experts I know. I am horrified that this happened., but having had a few relapses myself I have to be calm. He was given the Nuvigal 6 months ago and thought that because all 3 meds cost about $700 a month he could only afford the subs - we'll pay for it I just wondered if anyone has ever taken it. Thank You. hysterical and frantic in California.