I have autoimmune disease symptoms like fatigue, weakness, achey muscles, vision issues, major memory issues, can't tolerate heat, well anyways just wanted to see if any of this sounds familiar. My 2nd neuro appt was changed from this week to next week so I am trying to get all my questions together. Oterwise I will go in there and cant remember a darn thing I wanted to ask. Lol.


The ventricles are normal in size and configuration.

There are multiple bilateral periventricular and subcortical focal areas of abnormally increased T2 signal intensity involving the left corpus callosum suspicious for multiple sclerosis.

Some of these appear older.

There is no active enhancement at this time.

There is some minimal restricted diffusion in some of the right posterior frontal subcortical white matter changes.

There are cystic changes in the mid left corpus callosum.

The corpus callosum is normally formed.

There is no cerebellar tonsillar ectopia.

The hippocampal gyrus is normal and symmetric in appearance bilaterally.

There is mucus retention cyst in the alveolar recess left maxillary sinus.

There is some mild mucosal thickening in the right maxillary sinus.

There is normal flow void in the visualized vasculature.

The orbits are unremarkable.


Suspected M.S.

No active enhancement at this time