I take this 2 in am 2 at night for chronic joint pain & it always works. Last month I had my Rx,. filled came home took it & it did nothing. I ended up taking 4 pillls which would've been 2000mg of the Tylenol still did nothing, didn't even take away my headache. This imprint is 1p 111. I had some of my old ones left which are 35 92 so the next day i took 2 of them & they worked as usual. A friend of mine had the same experiencee. I went to my pharmacist & told him about this & asked him if he could order the ones i had been getting. He told me no, this is what they're getting now & assured me this was the same thing. I am aware of all the counterfeiting that's going on alll over the world. Does anyone have any advice or experienced the same thing? I would like to get to the botttom of this! Now i am stuck with a whole bottle of pills that don't work & i don't know what's in them?