I want to hear from anyone who has had to do this? I have had to do this twice. The first time I had been on Suboxone 6 months when 1 morning my Gall Bladder ruptured. I had emergency surgery and then needed to be on MSContin 4 weeks while I healed. I then was on Subutex for the next 5 years. My doc then took me off Sub and put me on a combo of Oxycodone and MSContin. The problem is that both times I needed sky high doses to get pain killing effects. The second time keeping the constant withdrawal symptoms away was a bigger problem than killing the pain was. After 1 year I needed 300 mg a day of either Oxy or MSContin just to stay out of withdrawal. This is terrible. I was not warned this could happen when I was put on Sub. Had I known this, I probably would never have taken it. The fact is I am a chronic pain victim. I have been told by several top docs in their fields that I will have pain until I die. Unless some kind of new and almost miraculous new surgical techniques are invented, I will never be pain free. I am now back on Sub because it seems as if the withdrawal symptoms will never stop. The Sub also helps my pain so it doesn't matter, in that way. But suppose I again have pain that goes beyond what Sub can kill? Then what? Am I going to need 300 mg of Oxy again, or maybe even more? I think maybe yes.

Has anyone else experienced this? Please answer if you have.