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Has anyone found relief from new daily persistent headaches and if so, how?

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Marvell 1 Dec 2009

If you have persistent headaches daily, I would suggest you see your doctor. There might be underlying causes which need to be checked and eliminated, such as high blood pressure. Best to see your doctor.

kmanthompson97 2 Dec 2009

best to see your doctor and speak with him about a regular dose of vicodin

Schelle 3 Jan 2010

I have daily headaches also. They begin usually within a half hour after I get up in the morning. I have a script for Lortab 10 mg. I'm not supposed to take more than 2 pills per day. Unfortunately, 2 per day is frequently not enough to allow me to function - full time job, married, 2 kids, life in general.
The Lortab does help reduce some of the pain, but the pain is never completely gone. I hope you have better luck than me.

rockermom51 25 Jan 2010

be careful with the lortab, two per day has never been enough for me! i am addicted to it, and i admit, i have been getting a script for it recently, not often, but still, i know i'm in relapse...
one product i do take, and it does work sometimes, is excedrin migraine..i think it's the combo of aspirin, acetominophen and caffeine... hope you find some relief, i'm still working on that myself... sheryl free discount card

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