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Has anyone experienced severe swelling, stiffness and pain in their joints?

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Delila 21 May 2011

Hi, is the swelling in an area that you have received botox? Which joints are you finding affected? and how long ago was the botox, if that is the case?

paralyzed 22 May 2011

The swelling is mainly in my hands, fingers, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, & toes. It started with a stiff neck a little over 24 hrs after the botox injection in my angry 11s between my eyes. I woke up 48 hrs later with pain radiating down both arms so I went to my chiropractor. The swelling started 2days later. Its been a week now & no improvement

Delila 22 May 2011

That sounds quite worrying. It is difficult to understand how the injection could affect your limbs this way? It may not be connected although i can see why you would make the connection. What position was your neck in when receiving the injections? I'm wondering if it was positioned awkwardly, as a neck strain could affect the areas you have described. Of course it may be that you have picked up an infection or flu type illness which would also make your joints ache? It's a difficult one. Regardless of the cause though i would recommend you see you doctor asap to try to get to the bottom of it. In the mean time i would suggest anti-inflammatory pain killers, such as ibuprofen/nurofen, unless of course you are sensitive to this drug or have a stomach ulcer or similar. It would be interesting to know what caused it if you wouldn't mind letting me know? I hope you are feeling more comfortable very soon!

LizKC 15 Jun 2011

Hi Delila. Are you any better? You need to check out the real site. Go to the forum and then to the "has anyone ever had flu symptoms" discussion. I think it has around 750 posts. Many people suffer side effects after Botox. You're not alone.

Delila 15 Jun 2011

Hi, not me, i was answering paralyzed's question - but thanks for your response, i'm sure they will read it : )

LizKC 16 Jun 2011

Sorry - I just saw that! free discount card

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