I was in the hospital for a week for osteomyelitis, mrsa and provetella in my wound on my left forearm from a very bad dog attack. its been a long road to recovery (dog attack happened in april 2011) i am also on a wound vac which works great. I was given vancomycin and zosyn in the hospital and am still taking it at home through IV for 6weeks. the day i was coming home from the hospital i started vomiting and still am. i am also taking liquid methadone 80mg, but i was recently lowered 10mg. from 90mg to 80mg i have been vomiting for a week straight i really dont want to go back to the hospital because in april when the attack happened i was in for over a month and went through ALOT of surgeries and then this past time was in a week for the infection. i just want to recover at home but feel very sick can someone please let me know if theyve experienced the same thing on vanco IV please, i have to be on this for 6weeks so if this is why i am vomiting and not the methadone then i have to get something for the nausea because i cannot go through this for a week like i have, let alone 6 weeks! please help, thank you! - amanda, 21 NJ