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Has anyone experienced negative side effects after the removal of the Mirena IUD?

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Marvell 28 Mar 2010

I haven't heard of anyone experiencing negative side effects after Mirena was removed.

Patients who have had side effects while on it have been relieved once it has been taken out.

Please see link below ... it has reviews which you may find useful.

pfcpremosgirl 28 Mar 2010

If you had a difficult period prior to having Mirena, then when you remove it, you could go back to the heavy periods and cramping you had prior. It wouldn't actually BE a negative side effect FROM removal, but you would sure think all the problems were because you took it out. I don't ever plan to be without a Mirena device until I have been confirmed to be through menopause. Never want to go back to those "times of the month" again... way too painful! free discount card

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