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Has anyone ever sucssefully gotten off lexapro?

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Inactive 21 Aug 2011

Hi blender. I stopped it without any major difficulty. Some people seem to really go through some severe side effects. Don't know what your dose is, tapering as you probably know, is most times the route to go, in stopping a drug that we've been on. Usually the safest way. But again, in my case, it wasn't an issue. best to you

rszulu 21 Aug 2011

I have been taking 20 mg. of Lexapro for about ten yrs. I want to switch to Cymbalta. I had back surgery and am left with lots of nerve damage and pain. No wonder I feel as though Lexapro doesn't work. I had my surgery in Nov. Ugh, I'm a mess. It is good to know someone got off Lexapro. How long and what dose did you take?

Inactive 21 Aug 2011

Hi rezula. I was on 30mg, just about a years time. Long tale short I was on cymbalta, for about a year and a few months. mostly 60mg, except for a month or so were it was 90mg. I ended up stopping and restarting the cymbalta, had a severe allergic reaction, rash on my face, as well as my throat felt as if it was going to close up on me. Now on paxil, for the anxiety. could be on a benzodiazepine, but was on them for many years and to be honest, too addictive for me.

rszulu 21 Aug 2011

Thanks pledge. I don't think my stomach could handle Cymbalta. free discount card

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