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Has anyone ever heard of nocturnal seizures associated w/ bipolar disorder?

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jdoggt 18 Jan 2010

yes i have them both. i dint realize it untill a couple weeks ago when i had a girl spend the night,she freaked and i had to go to the hospitol.but i also have seizure disorder..but yea i have read something about that it was on epilepsy .com check it out

crtnyluv 19 Jan 2010

I do not know if it is associated with bp or not, I am currently being seen by a doctor that suspects i show some of the characteristics of bipolar disorder, but cant diagnose me because of my drug addiction, I do not know what your seizures are like, but i often fall asleep or atleast my body does, then i will here somthing or want to sit up, or talk , or anything, It is terrifying ,its like being copletely paralized, yet aware of whats going on around you. When i am finally able to move , i throw an arm or kick my foot and i have snapped out of it,but feel exhausted from the struggle and unsure of going back to sleep. free discount card

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