was actually ingested ? I have been on methadone maintenance for chronic pain issues for more then 8 years .I have had at LEAST one urinalysis show higher levels in my system then I take .They could have knocked me over when they told me it was way over the amount that it should be .I am supposed to take 20mg 3x daily but try to stay at less then 40 mg daily because that will keep the pain at a managable level and I dont want to take more then needed .Has anyone ever heard of this happening ? I have searched the internet to no avail trying to find the answer .DO I ever go above the 60 mg daily ,NO !And have always stayed at the same amount give or take 5mg.I did however lose about 50 pounds a few years ago and I wonder if this could have something to do with it ?Any thoughts would be appreciated .Like are there medical conditions that could cause more metabolites in my urine ?? Maybe a extra fast metabolism or a really slow one