My grandaughter was 2 months old with a very very serious heart condition and had had heart surgery. She was then to have some facial surgery. Before they could do that she had to have a trac done. Before the surgery for the trac she was doing great, immediatly following the surgery for the trac she was doing great. She was moving to much for their satisfaction so they paralyzed her with a drug called vec.Well it has a much longer name than that but i cant spell it without looking at it. Anyway long story short we were told by her surgeon to not let her have this medication, so against the family wishes they used this drug on her. She had it in iv form for 3 days. This drug killed her. We looked it up on webmd, and all the side effecs that were listed is exactally what was happening to her. We took her case to a lawyer to sue over the use of this medication, and the lawyer said to us. They didnt expect her to live anyway. You can just imagine how that made us feel. I think I have taken her death harder than the rest of the family, why I cant tell you I dont know. But I need some help dealing with this.