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Has anyone ever crushed a morphine E365 30 and crushed it?

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cat1092 10 Nov 2011

No, this is a very dangerous thing to do. First off, if your doctor(s) felt that all you needed was only fast acting opioid, you would not be receiving the extended release formulas. Time release formulas are just that, the medicine is supposed to control the pain over a certain range of time. Many timed release pain meds are for 12 hours, however if the condition warrants it, it can be prescribed for 8 or 6 hours between doses.

Secondly, and most importantly, in doing this, it's a clear sign of addiction. A pain patient who really needs their medications would not (or should not) do this type of thing. The proper way for a pain patient whose pain isn't under control is to call their doctor for an appointment for what's known as a "med check". The doctor will work with the patient to get their pain under control, and has an obligation to do so, even if the patient is an addict. But the doctor will make sure that either a responsible adult administers the medicine at the proper times, or the patient may only receive only a few days supply at a time.

This type of behavior (crushing controlled release medications) is common among addicts. It's very dangerous, as ingesting certain time release medications all at once may cause death. Heart & lung function can rapidly deteriorate, to the point of blood pressure reducing to very dangerous levels, and breathing becoming labored.

Anyone who is doing this type of thing, please go to an emergency room & get help. There is help for addicts. And if you're an addict & in severe pain, yes, you have the right to medical treatment also. But it'll be harder for such a patient to find a doctor willing to treat them.

And lastly, this type of behavior is the very reason that doctors look at legit pain patients suspiciously. Making it even harder for those who really needs pain medications to receive them.

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