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Has anyone ever been prescribed ativan for withdrawal from alcohol ?

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LaurieShay 5 Feb 2011

Hey turtlelvr,

Ativan will help with the withdrawl symptoms like the shakes and the irritability. But I must worn you that ativan taken for a long time can be addictive, so only take what is prescribed for as short a time as is needed preferably.

Good luck and let us know how you are doing,


PS I'm a turtle lover , too, lol.

Inactive 5 Feb 2011

I agree 100% with you Laurie.-


caringsonbj 6 Feb 2011

it depends on the person, the doctor, the need and if it's an outpatient situation, sometimes doctors will use Valium (just a very few and then off) but ativan will work I just recall a situation in which a patient (aquaintenance was given Valium short term, but the sooner the person is off the better for them as Laurie say benzodiazepine drugs (such as these drugs) are habit forming and help with the restless, nervousness only for a short term basis

christineATU 5 Feb 2011

Hi turtle, Ativan is in the benzo class and can be helpful when quitting alcohol. It may be used to help prevent side effects that can be brought on by alcohol cessation. However, they can be addicting and also cause seizures if suddenly stopped too. So you need to be careful and follow directions prescribed by your doctor. Alcohol cessation can bring on shakiness, anxiety, conditions that can be helped with a benzo medication. Be sure to ask about any seizure risks associated with quitting both alcohol and benzo's. I'm sure when the time comes, the doctor will come up with a good taper plan for you. Hope you feel better and best wishes,

caringsonbj 5 Feb 2011

A man who was in the room with my father at the hospital was in accute alcohol withdrawl and they used Ativan by injection but let me warn you as Laurie did it can be a bad thing if you have one problem and then become addicted to this, if this is prescribed use exactly what you are told, no more it will help with as she said the anxious tense feeling and your irritability (this also comes in a pill form) I think the reason they were using this was because they wanted him to have it directly into his system but they followed up by using the oral medication. be very careful, do exactly what you are told by your doctor, we are a site that is also willing to listen and help you in any way that is possible, please take care and let us know how you are doing

Inactive 5 Feb 2011

Yes, ativan or lorazepam is often used to PREVENT seizures from alcohol cessation. Not everyone who quits alcohol has seizures but some people do, and that is why the lorazepam is used. It also will help with shaking and anxiety but this person should be monitored by their doctor.

Shane B 12 Aug 2017


TooOld4This2017 2 Nov 2017

Yes! It was a life saver every time! I’ve been through life-threatening withdrawals and milder withdrawals but I was always given Ativan.
Thankfully sober today.

Rootypoosker 4 Nov 2017

What mg did you get put on and how often free discount card

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