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Has anyone ever been on armour thyroid and then switched to a combination of synthroid and cytomel?

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jpmyra 21 Aug 2011

The opposite for me. I was on synthroid and cytomel for a year and absolutely nothing. I told the doctor we need to try armour now and she started me on 2 grains of armour for 5 weeks and the only change was that my hair got silky and then 2 weeks ago she upped it another grain so its been 7 weeks and nothing is happening.

Myra in NH

Ginpye 6 Sep 2011

Yes! I was on synthroid for 13 months, without any change, out more of, worse! only to find out my body doesn't convert the hormone, so my doc put me on armour, did well on it, skin, hair, sleep & weight got better but thought I needed to seek out another doc because had a Heck of a time getting info bout test results, to see if my #'s were right, new doc put me on synthyroid/ cytomel... I've lost half my hair, can't sleep, gained my weight back, regardless of running @ 5 miles a day and cutting carbs, etc! I'm back at my original doc, took new blood work, and after two weeks, I'm going to be sitting in his office, with or without an appt! I want off this synthyroid/ cytomel! You truly have to be your own advocate! if i would have known this when I first got diagnosed, I wouldn't feel like I'm starting all over, after almost two years

jpmyra 6 Sep 2011

I feel for you I really do. It is such a long process, sixteen months this week for me and I am really no better and I am on 3 grains of armour. I see the doctor tomorrow, I see her every month. I wonder what she is going to do. I feel I am never going to get better. I llok back at all the symptoms and I have been complaining about soo many of them for most of my adult life. I think I have been hypo since I first started complaining 1980 and the doctor at that timme said he thought I had fibro it was a new word being thrown around at that time, and he said there is nothing that can be done about it. So I have had one surgery after another and one pain after another and no one has ever tested my thyroid until the symptoms went berzerk and I woke up swollen , gained weight, plantar fasciitis, knjees blew out tendinitus in my inner knees and inner elbows, and here I am today still complaining about all of these things.

Myra in H

Ginpye 13 Sep 2011

myra, I do feel and understand everything you are saying,My doc just put me back on Armour (90) and before I make an assessment, I'm going to give it about a week or two. But, I have noticed my hair isn't falling out as much, which has been awesome :) and I also have having a lil easier time getting out of bed in the morning. I'm interested to hear what your doctor said /did this time you went in.

jpmyra 13 Sep 2011

She dumped me, I told her that 3 grains are not doing a thing so I thought she was going to try 4 grains but she told me she was not going up on more that she thought I was on too mucg t3 as it was, so I thought she had another plan, she sure did she said she didnot think it was working out and that she couldnt be my doctor any more. FING bitch. NowI am back to square on but not until I sent her a letter and then saturday I receive a letter reiterating that she would not be my doctor agian aor refer one, but when I was there she referred one and gave me labs to do... does that make sense so I sent her a second email today., I also told her if I find out there is something wrong with my thyroid she will be held accountable because for almost 9 months I complained about it bothering me and she did nothing.

Amp25 22 Apr 2017

I have been on cytomel and synthroid for years. I do think i was misdiagnosed. Should have never started it. I feel horrible and look it too as i have watched my weight increase fast. Its freaking me out. I too am going off the meds starting tomorrow. Hope i see a difference. Good luck to you. free discount card

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