I have had bad headaches for a long time. They always start in my neck and move up. When I was younger my mom would rub my neck and that along with a otc pain reliever would work. In the past year and a half its gotten to where that doesn't work unless at the first twinge of pain someone rubs my neck ( I have tried to sub it myself and it doesn't work for some reason!). In the past 6 months they have gotten worse and the past month they have become unbearable. My husband had to take me to the er 3 weeks ago because it was so bad. For the past 6 months I have had light sensitivity and get nausous when I get one. I have tried every otc pain med. Advil, alieve, tylenol regular and extra strengths and all the excederines they have. Excederine tension is the only thing that took it away and that stopped working. I went to my primary doctor and he says they are migraines. He gave me a prescription for lortabs since the flexeril the er doctor gave me knocked me out for hours.

Has anyone else had migraines? Are they assoicated with bipolar? Could it be from the meds I have been tryin to help my bipolar?