I have a couple issues surrounding fexofenadine, that may or may not be related and want to know if anyone else has dealt with these problems, and if so, what they did.

First, I have learned that my body is not absorbing it. Second I think I am getting moldy pills, but the pharmacists insist I am wrong.

Since March 2010 the pharmacy I use had been prescribing Fexofenadine (as the generic equiv of Allegra - D) that has a moldy-musty smell. Initially I took the prescription back, and asked for non moldy pills. The Pharmacists opened all their bottles, we all smelled them, all smelled moldy. A comparison of the Brand "Allegra-D" produced no smell. The pharmacists insisted the generic pills were good.

I have taken Allegra-D or its generic equiv. for over 10 years- longer than most of these pharmacists had been pharmacists- and I have never noticed any odor, at anytime.

Allegra-D's manufacturer, Santos-Aventis, told me their medication should not smell. My Allergist told me the generic version should not smell either.

After talking to my doctor finally, and taking 3 months of the moldy medication, I resumed using the Brand medication yesterday. It has no smell.

I have suffered severe gastro-intestinal problems that coincide with the use of the moldy smelling fexofenadine. This is how I discovered I was not absorbing the medication. The nurses at my allergist told me that they had heard of the generic fexofenadine absorption problems.

Has anyone else encountered either the absorption problems or the mold smell in their medication?

Also, I want to alert the manufacturer to the problem, but have no idea how to figure out who manufactured the meds. Any ideas on how to figure this out?

thanks for your time!