A year and a half ago, due to dermoid cysts and endometriosis, I had a total hysterectomy at 37 years old. Since I was younger, and now without my ovaries, my doctor put my on estrogen. I tried pills, sprays, gels, patches, and an internal 'ring' similar to a diaphram. I had negative reactions with each of these in varying degrees. The lesser of the evils was the patch, so that is what my doctor recommended I stay on. Shortly after surgery I began to develop a slew of new 'symptoms' from stabbing head pains to severe abdominal pain, memory loss to a racing pulse to name a few.
Eighteen months and thousands of dollars later and I still had zero answers. Since my nightmare began about the time I started hormone replacement, I decided to go off of estrogen, and see what happened. Well, six weeks later I have had about an 80% reduction in headaches, abdominal pain, and memory functions. Saw my doctor yesterday and he said a LOT of women put on estrogen are better off without it, and do come off of it and are fine. He encouraged me to try black cohosh for the hot flashes; the only thing estrogen did do for me is quell those. I am interesed in hearing from anyone else who might have had similar situations.