I started the patch in May, basically am using it to provide low level pain relief 24/7 but did not like the over drugged feeling of the 25 mcg so am staying with the 12 while using both Norco (in the morning) or DIlaudid (afternoon or evening) for breakthrough, and there is always breakthrough with such a low level of fentanyl. My libido since June has plummeted to almost zero. Tonight I decided that , considering I do not want to increase the fentanyl patch as it makes me so dopey- I am considering stopping the patch altogether . I take something else every day, and now that I have found a medication for evening that does not keep me awake why stay on something that numbs my libido? My goal in starting the fentanyl was to be on something that was constant and steady and which did not keep me awake as Norco does. I saw myself taking little else but that has not been the case so then- why the patch?

I of course know this is not easy decision as the withdrawal will be ghastly, but I want my libido back (and so does my husband! ; - P