I was on high doses of Zyprexa in highschool, and gained significant weight along with some other extremely horrific side effects. I took myself off of the drug at 18 once I was free to make my own decisions. Years later I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom (PCOS) as a result of the weight gain from the Zyprexa. As this "side effect" of Zyprexa presented itself more than 4 years after discontinuation (as I've read is common with this drug), I wonder if my other strange health problem is related. I have uncontrolable muscular spasms in all the muscles of my body. My quality of living is nearly non-existent and over 15 Neurologists have been stumped. I wonder, as Zyprexa acts on the nervous system and in the brain, if it could have done long term damage to my body. Has anyone else experienced any of these symptoms?